Respecting Chinese Man’s Dirty Video

The current virus, one of the most feared people of the world, has yet to be identified, but there are ways to prevent it.

The easiest of these precautions is to install masks in crowded areas.

While there are no victims in Myanmar yet, almost everyone has installed masks to protect their businesses, and Burmese business owners have already hit half the price of masks. The exploitation of the people is a gross inhumane act.

A Chinese activist has taken a different stance on the Myanmar people.

CCTV footage showed an unknown Chinese man transporting about 500 Mask now to the police station. He sent Mask and left the police station once. The two policemen ran away without saying thanks, but did not reach them.

The two policemen who stood up to each other, standing upright and respectful and respectful people, were completely respectful to both .Video below.


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