The name that the spirit tells us

She dreams.

(Please note that the following articles are rewritten facts and should not be read to anyone who is under 18 years of age.)
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In the dream, she was in a basement.

It was like a place she had never been to.

There was a big uncle standing in a corner of the room.

My uncle looked up at her without saying a word out of the dark for a long time.

Gradually, she came closer to her uncle’s face. She saw the face of his uncle.

My uncle looked at her with small face. The great uncle seemed very sad.

Then his lips moved and he began to speak.

“I’m dead. It’s killing me *** ”

My uncle was telling her a name.

After a while, the murderer appeared behind his uncle.

Hey, she was in a dream.

The murderer was the one he never saw.

When I look at my uncle, I see a big hole in my throat.

She was very scared.


She woke from her bed.

From that day on, she will never forget that big name.

So scary was that he had seen the killer in the back of his uncle’s back. Now you know the name.

he…? Really a killer?

Unfortunately, she was the only person she had ever seen.

That day was December 8, 2001.

Daewoo Magnus, a white car near the highway, stopped the front of the car without turning off the lights.

I didn’t see the phone number on the windshield.

After a while, the owner of the car came and looked at the owner.

ဪ … she thought he was.

The owner of the car has met her twice. She was remembering.

The man was a little wet and fat, but his face was pretty.

Whenever she saw her beautiful face, she looked up.

So she was very close to that face.

I met again that day.
That Daewoo Magnus …

The man was wearing a skinny jeans.

With leather shoes

It looks like it’s coming out somewhere, and it looks like it’s coming out somewhere.

He drove away.

The morning of December 12, 2001

She saw him again. This time … at a car repair shop in the city. Looks like there’s a car battery.

He looked around.

As usual, he was clean and neat. She looked up as usual.

Ko Ko looks at her for a moment. I just met her eyes.

That evening, the white Daewoo Magnus burned.

The car was on fire, so she wanted to kiss her

“I know the owner of the car …” I told my parents.

At that time, she had three consecutive cases in the town of Doug.

The first one was murder.

Second, the bank robbery.

The third one is a car fire.

She helped the police.

I went with the owner of the Daewoo Magnus.

The owner of the car said:

“I’m sleeping in the motel. I woke up in my sleep and would go home.

Yes…. The car was stolen and he looked at the owner and he was not.

Police later reported that he was a very scary thief, She was horrified to learn that she might have been a murderer.

She didn’t want to believe it.

Now in the dream.

She just finished the story.

The killer had snatched the adult’s gun in the dream. In the dream, he killed the old man with a sword.

Robbery in bank robbery

And they want to get rid of all the witnesses, to shoot guns. Gloves The car was set on fire with a wallet, which was used in the bank.

The killer just took the money and disappeared.

He is the only person who committed all three of those cases.

So the police asked her for a rough outline of the bank robber.

She made a drawing. She was very fond of her face.

But the police did not find the killer.

She never saw the murderer again.

Now she knows the name of the man in a dream. But she did not tell the police. She was scared. And don’t want to get involved with the police.

She began to have sleepless nights in her life. The uncle of the murdered uncle often came to her dream with a pitiful face.

Unfortunately, this uncle was the dead man. The knowledge of ghosts made her even more frightened.

Is the uncle of the dream always in her dreams?

The more you try to forget each night, the more the face of the deceased uncle appears.

In the dream, the uncle of the great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson named The Great Prince

This has been a long time coming.

For years, she still dreamed of that dream. She moved her family to the neighborhood.

One day in autumn 2008

She didn’t want to go out and ate at Sushi (raw fish and rice).

He heard the doorbell ringing and then opened the door and looked at the sender.

What should she do? The murderer has come to her. She was sweating and trembling.

She paid. Sushi sent him back.

Is the man in the sushi shop a murderer?

She lost her breath.

Knowing that the killer lived in her neighborhood made her even more afraid. She didn’t know what to do next.

But she didn’t complain.

The dream came true again.

She also knew the victim. She also knew the killer. I know the name of the killer. You also know the killer’s sushi shop.

She became insane.
But she didn’t complain.

The beginning of these events is:

Started on December 12, 2001

Later that day, an elderly woman on the third floor of a building was waiting for her to return.

He had been out since midday. Never told me it would be too late today.

When the lady came home, it was 7:30 pm.

Downstairs, he looked down at the man’s office.

But we found that the room was open. When we looked into the room, he said, “A big chair in the blood.

I called 112 women.

“Are you from the police station?”

The guy is scheduled to meet at 6:30 pm to sell a hunting rifle.

At that time, hunting rifles could be legally licensed in South Korea.

The murderer stabbed the throat of a 66-year-old man, a cowboy, with a knife.

The murderer was stabbed seven times with a ready-made sword.

The execution was very cruel.
The wounds are very deep.

Finally, he cut his neck with a knife, and the blood flowed and died.

The killer is close to blood.

It is estimated that he was a very skilled swordman.

The man’s money didn’t run out. Neither did gold steal.

The office is missing two shotguns.

The police were all scared. Because the killer wanted the gun.

Again, crime is about to be committed.

Soon …

December 11, 2001
3 pm to 17 pm

A bank robbery in the central bank of Durga is a bank robbery.

The bank robber with a mask is cold blooded. Two-handed weapons

They shot at the bank’s roof.

He threw a sports bag and told him to pack up the money quickly.

It only took three minutes.

The bank robber seemed very strong. He does everything alone. No partner.

Only one gun was 4.5kg
2 kg 9kg guns.
17kg of silver.

The bank robber, with such heavy equipment, was not light and drove out of the bank.

Over two lakhs

Three hours later …

It was a car fire.

Look in the burning car

Bank robbery bag

Two guns …
The clothes that the bank robbed.
The bank robber gloves.
The bullets.

And the bank robber vanished like a smoke.

There were not many CCTVs at that time.

The bank robber is very good at getting no trace of fingerprints. The car was stolen. The car number was stolen from another car.

Everything was done in a systematic manner.

Can’t find the killer.

It’s been 18 years.
It’s coming in 2019.

The real thing is so much more strange than imagined.

There was another dreamer, a dream like a woman’s dream.

He was the son of the murdered man.

The man who was killed came to his son’s dream and told him the name of the killer.

The son told his mother about the dream and thought it was a dream.

They didn’t even hear the name in their dreams … they didn’t know who it was.

So I didn’t tell the police.

They also went 18 years.
It’s coming in 2019.

As technology advances in 2019, SBS announces a more sophisticated look at the montage of a murderer, who was pulled over by a woman in 2001, and says SBS correspondents say they look like him.

The man may have been the man who was born in the town of Doug, who knew the city of Doug.

He was a sure-fire shooter.

He used his sword carefully.

I have a little fat.

He was between 40 and 50 years old in 1999.

He was in need of money in 2001. He got rich suddenly.

If you know, tell it.

He was like a human being in Durga. A lot of text messages came to SBS, and each one of them was looking for people who seemed to be the assassins of the SBS reporter.

The woman couldn’t come … She came to SBS and told her about her dream.

Also, the son of the deceased uncle’s uncle came to tell the dream.

The name of one of the two dreams of a stranger who doesn’t know each other.

It’s the killer’s name.

Sometimes the real thing is so much more strange than the imagination.

This is very strange.

The name of the spirit.

The experts sleep and ask the woman.

“I opened the door. He came in!

“Forget the feeling. Can you see him? ”

“See, he’s coming in! He was scared … he came in … he had a sack in his hand.

“Already done … Don’t be scared anymore. Don’t be scared anymore, aren’t you?”

And he was collecting information around the killer’s surroundings.

“Do you know the picture in this painting?”

“No sushi shop owner?”

“You know … he likes hunting.”

“Always with a sledgehammer ..”

“The shop owner noticed that he looked good.”

“They have moved.”

“Oh … I know my mother’s house.”

“The man also opened a meat shop … he killed the bull himself.


There is also a person who knows the face of the killer bank robber in SBS news.

I know my name too.

The house of the murderer’s mother also knew it.

We secretly informed the police about the incident.

Reporters from SBS approached the man.

First of all, the suspect was clear that the man’s mother was not in the house.

“No contact. Long lost contact. ”

“I heard someone coughing in the house. Who?”

He came out soon.

The reporter showed a sketch of the killer in his hand

“Here, sir … Did you ever kill a bank robber?”

There were about four or four people like that.

SBS reporters have shown them and asked them questions.

People asked

“Rev ..? I was like a murderer. ”

Some laugh.

But it’s weird.

Nothing has changed on his face. I know you are coming one day.

The detectives thanked the SBS team and began planning to reopen the case.


She and the man’s juices had not yet ended.

She was so beautiful that she never looked up.

When he moved, he knocked on his door.

He came to the dream often.

She will see him again in court soon.

Shwe Shwe Moe (Korea)

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