Prosecution of a pharmacy for selling masks overpriced

Yuan fined 3 million yuan for selling super-cheap masks when infected with the Corona virus

BEIJING – A Beijing-based drug cartel has been fined 3 million yuan ($ 434,530) in a Beijing pharmacy, which sold six times the price of its online virus when it was infected with the virus in China.
BEIJING, Dec. 1 (Xinhua) – China has confirmed the death of 132 people and nearly 6,000 people infected with the virus, which began in Wuhan in mid-December.

Beijing Jimin Kangtai has been fined for overdosing on N 95 masks, the regulator said on their website. The store also sells a 3M brand 3-mask mask for just $ 143, but is now selling up to 850 yuan.
The disciplinary team has been investigating 31 breaches since Thursday, increasing scrutiny of the cost of immunization equipment and penalizing non-compliance activities.

The city government has ordered a ban on pharmacy stores selling low-quality masks in Shanghai, the capital city.

The regulator has instructed the pharmacy to direct the pharmacy to distribute refunds and sell non-sold masks, the company said on their Weibo account.

Ref – CNA

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