the old town of Tagaung

Tagaung is the capital of Myanmar. Mandalay Region Pyin Oo Lwin District There are sub-township levels in Thaketa Township
It is a city. It is also an ancient city of Taungoo. Tamwe is from Mandalay
When the new Ayeyarwaddy River rises, it is 127 miles away and is located in the plains east of the river.

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The city of Taunggyi stands out in terms of development, development, and development. Not because of merchandise or merchandise
This is because of its history. The Burmese have a saying: “The beginning of Burma, the good one”. Myanmar
Historians think that the era of Tagaung Dynasty was the beginning of the Burmese era. Myanmar
The geography and history of the Mahayana tradition indicate that the Tathman was a monk even in the time of the Gautama Buddha.
It is said that Abhisit, a king of Miyagi of Miyagi Region, settled in Taunggyi.
Old walls and old pagodas can still be seen. On the southeast and west of Tamu
The weight of gold; Shwedagon Pagoda There are old pagodas, etc.

It is also known as Thaketa. Tagaung was founded in Upper Myanmar.
Pyu people To the west, and to the west; The people of the north; The Irrawaddy, Thanlwin Mon Mon in the Sittaung River
Historians think that they live. Pyay is also considered a seaport town.
The titan was founded by Abisha Rashid, and the 33rd bhikkhu was in his reign.
Damaged. He is the second monk of the dynasty. The king of kings
He married Naaman and continued to reign. He said that he had ruled for 17 years. So, in a sense
50 kings ruled once.

Abhisit Vejjajiva has two sons. When his youngest son, Kanha, succeeded him as king.
His eldest son, Kamar Razak, sailed to the Irrawaddy from the army and the army. Upstream of the Chindwin River Baby hill
He was stationed there for six months. Then he founded Kyaukpadaung on the east side of the Kandi River. From there
In the Arakan State, the old Dhammawaddy dynasty was seized and ruled. And they numbered them from Abijah, 33 over
In the days of Banan, the Chinese intervened, and the country collapsed. And it came to pass, in the day that he was in the city of Bern,
Queen Nagas left with his followers. The second founder of Taung is from northern India
Thaksin is a monarch. He met with King Nagan of Queen Nana. From him 17 princes
In a sense, they are good. Thus 50 kings ruled.

This time, Sagaing Division There are only visitors to Taunggyi accompanying a pilgrimage to the Taung Taung Mountain in Bantmaw
Yes. If the city is to be recognized as a Pyu city, then the glory of the country will be even greater
Make sure it’s going to happen.

For those who are interested in studying ancient history, it is almost as good as the city
We have information that we should visit.

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