Do you know the difference between a Debit Card and a Credit Card?

As technology advances, mankind’s spending patterns have changed dramatically. Because of the mobile banking system that connects to the internet, the cash flow is faster and the debit card is cheaper than buying. Credit Card

Debit Cards and Credit Cards are naturally different but have many similarities. Both cards will contain the 16-digit card number and will indicate the expiration date. It also includes a PIN Code (Personal Identification Number) that identifies each card.
Debit Cards and Credit Cards For Readers

Debit Card
A Debit Card user can withdraw the money deposited in your bank account through the nearest ATM.
Some stores, Restaurants and restaurants; The supermarket allows you to buy a debit card with ease and without having to carry a lot of cash.
The amount of money you spend on a debit card is minimal. Most people will know that they are always there and that they are a control over what they do not have.

Credit Card
A credit card user can deduct a specified amount of credit from the bank.
The advantage of Credit Card The store Most supermarkets also offer discounts for credit card users.
Card users will have to pay back the relevant bank for the amount and interest they have used for a specified period of time.

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