Viber Chatbot Launches ‘Mommy’ to Get Pregnancy and Child Health Tips

Koe Koe Tech (KKT) has introduced a ‘chat’ mother named chatbot on Viber to help improve the health of mothers and children in Myanmar. Chatbot is an upgraded ‘maternity and maternity health’ app co-hosted by Koe Koe Tech and Population Services International in 2014. The ‘Mommy’ chatbot is now pregnant, The advice of doctors and other health professionals about pediatric health; You will receive weekly newsletters, emails and tips. The FAQ will be provided to users through frequently asked questions.

Users will receive health advice messages three times a week if they submit basic information such as ‘mommy’ or ‘baby’s birth’ or ‘baby’s birthday’. Maternity leave from the World Health Organization (WHO) The specialists and specialists will be consulted in accordance with the Newborn and Child Health Guidelines. Birth and postpartum care should include tips for keeping yourself and your baby healthy.

Also, to carry on during pregnancy. Tips to Avoid Vital health symptoms; Information on nutrition to stay healthy; “Most of the women in rural areas around Burma are reliable mothers and children,” she said. We know that it is still difficult to get advice on newborns and baby health. That’s why we created the ‘Mommy’ Viber chatbot. Through this platform, women can become pregnant and become pregnant. Important advice on infant health; It will be easy to access information, ”said Maha Mahwin, Koe Koe Tech’s Head of Program-Health.
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