When it comes to staying strong alone

A friend has said …
He never sleeps at night.
Miss someone’s call or
The fear of missing a message.
But every morning I wake up
He learned that his concerns were worthless.
There was no missed call
He did not receive any messages that he was not comfortable with.

After adulthood
It is fighting alone
Don’t you often feel

If he had been rained on when he was young, he would send him an umbrella
You are not expecting anymore;
Who cares when I’m sick
You do not expect that.

Now you can run in the rain without an umbrella.
You can overcome a weakness when there is no one to care for.

When alone, it will last
What is the feeling of being cared for?
You forgot.
When you do not communicate first
Other people will not contact you first.
The message they received was advertising and other rubbish.

When alone, it will last
With small things
You learn easily.
A few words of attention from a close friend;
It is a kind word that comes from a stranger.
Tears flowed, and the happy doorbell rose.

Not alone
You are always comforting yourself.
It’s been through a lot of tired times
Look back!
Every step is worth your attention …..

Sometimes, though
You want to be crazy like a baby,
I want to be sober. I want to be poor.
You don’t have to be very knowledgeable.
You don’t have to be too smart.

Whether you are 20 years old I’m 40 years old
In the heart of someone who loves you
You need protection
It’s a baby.

You have the same courage as an adult
I wish you happiness as a child.
It’s enough to hide your true self
You don’t have to be strong.
You have to know that the strength armor
You quit
That there is always someone who loves you

nine nine sanay

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