Loam or Cherry City

Each winter, you and your family and friends will travel to Loam
Amusement rides

what ???
What do you want to be unique about in Tamwe?

From the town of Loammy
It is a small camp town located 5542 feet above sea level
It is a small town which is easily accessible from Kengtung by car.
(Approximately 1 hour drive can be reached)

If you come from Tachilek, you can go to Tarmwe from 21 miles away from Kengtung.
🌸 People are often referred to as cherry blossoms because of its luscious cherry trees every winter.

Cherry, Loammyo camping place and a place of honor in East Shan State
🌸 Cherry is usually open between December and February. (We want people from afar to come to that time)

🤔What should I do when it comes to convenience?
When the winter cherry blossoms, go to Cherry Park first and take pictures of your beautiful memories first.
(Then fb can write on Sakura City, Loamy, Cherry Beach.)
After that, you can go to the church near the Cherry Park and have a good time.

(R.S can post pictures of him with a catwalk poster)
Then come back out of Cherry Forest and relax in the pool on the lake.
(RS: Walk around together with your arms!)
Don’t ask for pairs)

🌸The background of the cherry tree on the bridge, the background of the lake and the background of the lake:
You can still take beautiful photos.

🌸You can also sample a variety of local wines on the market near the lake.
🌸One can be bought as a souvenir, also a local product
Then you can go for a memorable photo shoot at the mansion, what many call a hundred-year-old house.

(There is a neutral saying, when under colonial Myanmar, I heard that there was no office in Kengtung, but instead of Kengtung, and I was in control of the Mong Kok).

🌸Lastly, the most important gift of cherries is the gift of nature. All of us are responsible for maintaining this gift of nature.

🌸 Can we leave the gifts of nature to cherish the roots of the cherries and preserve the lasting beauty?

🌸You can see the beauty of Loam and Cherry in the pictures …

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