Women love money

Women choose only men who have life insurance.

I smiled every time I heard such words.
The woman is not greedy. Everyone loves money. Life insurance is not required by a woman. Everyone needs it.

I want to live for you. What about a man struggling to make ends meet? If your loved one fails to acknowledge your efforts, he or she will pick another person who has money. A greedy woman, You can be sure that you choose the only person with a guaranteed life.

But I have no job. I have no husband, Play your favorite games! Take a drink. Do it yourself! It is your own fault that you are left in the trap of running behind the ear. Think of it as a useless thing for women to love.

There are very few blueberries in the world today. There are, however, few intellectuals. It is as much love as any woman without brains. If you were to sell your bread and feed you, you would have been in a marriage before the election.

Are you just thinking about getting men to do this? It’s not because you want to be overly dependent. It is okay to be a useless woman and to have sex with a person. Just go hungry together. I also have a purpose. Imagine a woman trying to be objective … to have a useless husband is a long-term nightmare.

When it comes to guaranteeing life, they often run out of money. Life insurance is not money alone. Emotional Skills Education A sense of responsibility; Accountability; I don’t know. Do you have a man’s heart? It is all set.

Even women have a choice of head to head, even with a shirt on. No eye for life partner. All of them are deaf and hard of hearing. But it’s not always blind. When the time comes to see the blindness, the greed is no longer being labeled.

Women don’t have a choice. Men also have a choice. The woman’s mental qualities and abilities should be calculated.

Women, too, are weak. You have to forget that you are looking for a cow and thinking of looking for a cow. You are nothing. I want to be rich, beautiful, beautiful, Kind Be proud Educated It is not easy to dream of having a small fortune.

Nobody is rich at all, except for the rich, rich rich man. The life that his father had to give him even if he liked it. The rich don’t want the rich, but his wife will slap him.

Men who are trying to get rich by their own merit will not be very rich at the beginning. Even if you don’t have one yet. If you look at a guy for life insurance, this guy is more willing to try than money. Who wants to succeed? If you are trying to be … lazy?

We should strive to work together and to think of a higher life. People are capable and capable of doing good. Even if you are a good person, you cannot stay in the trap. You can grow with him. She needs to be a woman who can support her progress. A good man does not usually impress a woman who is unmarried. If you can’t be proud, you will feel inferior. It doesn’t last long.

Women are dependent on the grandparents in their day. Even in the days of our mothers, dependence was no longer as beautiful. Dependency in the 21st century is no longer possible under modern economic conditions. Today, if you want to rely, you are tired.

To be honest, if you are looking for a good-for-nothing guy, that spirit is a lot less emotional than the stars who are waiting for the KTV or Marxist bread. No frame Hopefully, the old one is no longer a money-making and valid marriage.

A greedy woman, Just look at the guy who has a life insurance policy. I cherish myself. It’s true. Even though he didn’t have the money, he worked hard. There is a purpose for this guy to have a 40-year-old rich father, not to be rich.

If you want to get a taxi ready, you will have the reputation of being a money-lover, as well as a young lady.

We are rich today. Beautiful Rich young men are very rare …

writer by : Ei Pencilo

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