Myanmar traditional chewing gum

“The bridge is kennel, medicine is still there
Kung fu and white lime
Russia It’s just blurry. ”
Prince U Min

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It is made of pure gold
Written in the time of King Bodhi Buddha
According to the above prince of the late King U U
It was planted by the Inle Bridge
Sagaing is the best bet
The lime that came out of the lime was fine
It is said that the kale is in Taungoo
The fruit of the kale leaves from Burley
It is strange that Shayse leaves the countryside
Purify and combine without any toxicity
It is good if eaten as a kale
It means the end.

In ancient times, “betel nut, medicine, tea”
It is a Burmese language
One thing is the traditional Burmese welfare
Social Issues and Traditional Issues
“Without tea, no medicine, no tea,” he said
Myanmar traditional betel-chewing betel nut
The practice of hospitality is a good start
It should be noted that there was a period of time
Villagers standing with the palace community
It was found that there was a practice of chewing betel
The practice is through India
Some experts say it has begun to spread
Yes. He goes through Marco Polo’s account
What happened to India and Upper Burma?
The chewing gum is eaten well
It was written.

In Myanmar history, the age of Bagan
Era, Inlay, Amarapura, Yadanapon, etc.
So there is the tradition of cheating throughout the ages
Yes. Add a kale
And the cup is called “a stick” and “a kettle”
It is also used as “hostess”
In “kangaroo” is used
A club made of polished wood
It is one of these types of chewing betel
Umbrella in the Pagan History
It is also worth remembering what happened to the throne.

602 AD (1240 AD), the king of Uzziah
Prince in a one-of-a-kind conference
The sitting senator sat down
I didn’t pick up my clothes, which I didn’t see in Crimea
I just had it. Thiha Thida was in the upper hand
He had betel nut. And Darius the son of Uzziah died
When the elephants are out and about to die, they set up a throne
Thi Thi Thu came to the throne
As soon as the Chief Minister found out,
He organized all the castles and said, “Come on, MP!
And when he had made him king, all the country was in confusion;
Dismiss. Leave me alone!
It was a great day for me
Once upon a time, the Buddha came after him
He didn’t see, and he couldn’t hold back
I was spitting on my hair, and I was your son
He said, “I didn’t see you coming.”
It was never enough. Anger and anger
“He is,” he said
It was also taken from the store.

The deputies saw it and said, “Before you are
He even supported the chief.
If you are, where should we be? ”
Father, in the heart of one accord,
Thiha Thu, who came to fight against Thaksin
The prince arrested and arrested Thiha’s brother-in-law
They called Nara Thiha, the king of kings
And if the prince be to the king,
What about the great queen who has been enthroned?
He was overlooked and disdained.
Thiha Thu was born to Uzziah and his mother
He is the son of his brother, Narathiwara, and Uzza
The prince and the bride are the daughter of the family
He is also the son of Lame.

One day, the elder Rakhaing Thin was himself
Discouraging Nirvana, the forgotten monarch
So he took the betel nut and took the crown
I came to Him and saw it
“Why are you so old?”
When asked, “How do you use a scabbard?”
“Your grandson is your grandson
Well, there is no one who will blossom because of good health
Only the piece of paper is used. ”
Nirvana also had a heart attack
Just as it was before he was buried
When the finish is complete, the grandfather of the beautiful
It was a car and it was above the canopy
It is only when you become the king that you become a monk
“It will be beautiful.”
To the elephants, to the horse, to the property, and to the other
Save it and send it to the moon
The proverb is also common
The wind

An armored man who is full of heart
Subdivision when there is no crime
When we rebelled, Nirvana Thugburi
He also called back the senator
And returned with the spoil, with the spoil thereof, and the rebels with it
It was suppressed in Burmese history.
As mentioned above, the kayak, the kayak, and the kangaroo
This is the case of Pagan period palace
(Great Chronicles Appendix-235 to 237)

King since the Pyu (Thyatira) era
Min Khaing Arrival Giving Items
There are bowls and they are from the earliest times
It is called a betel nut, a small betel nut
Mon generations have been kung fu too
The club was used, and in the Thang Dynasty
The kernel meaning “kangaroo” means “kangaroo”
It is known that it was called. The Golden Rule Introduction
In the lounge of the balcony

“Eighteen inches, hands full
The dragon’s cup Yellow
Two-stroke Dark blue
Betel nut, betel nut
Then he asked, “What are you doing?”
Latin and ruby ​​bowls
Lightening with glow
The little betel nut is brilliant
“It is a real thing.”

Therefore, the opening of the throne of the kings of Myanmar
In the product, betel and betel nut
The king, the young baker, the dragon-cup,
The eight corners, the bowls of the Latin,
Footstones, gold bowls, marble
The gold and the kite (the gold)
Common Introduction (1229)

In the story of Thilawa
Coat the betel nut, the betel nut
They put it in a cup and presented it to Thilawa
That is it. Burmese kings
A custom that was enjoyed and enjoyed
This is what happened at the conference of the Burmese rulers
The title is honorable
They often give and receive gifts and grandparents
It was the crown of the king, queen and queen
The prince, the princess, and the nobles were allowed to eat
What a great honor!

The brother of the king of Thaketa
The royal prince chased down the big pig
After the treadmill, I was in a tight spot
While using the kerchief, the horse itself is kerosene
Thus, it was given
In the interim, the betel-nut kettle “Kip
It is called “horse moor” and “kangaroo”
It was called, and in the days of the future rulers
Use “Hintha katana, karaoke”
They were. Myanmar House Ministers, My Goddess
Also on our motto is “King Kong
Used “cup-shaped cups”
The “kennel cup” has angular angles with eight
Stones, twelve angles, and jagged stones
In the eight-column bin
And they were made of gold.

A circle made of gold
Bamboo poles Also use wicker baskets
13 chambers of the left Burmese kings
About chewing betel nut
“Good gold, golden spindle, hollow eighteen feet
“Yes!” “The prince’s cup, two bowls.”
Also posted.

From the earliest days to Kunming
People rubbed on wood
Used in betel clubs.
In the Inner Age, kanji was made of lacquer
And until the Late Era as a betrothal
They used it
Available in sizes from 4 to 12 inches
It was made of small silver bowls
Betel nut Paddy rice Shiva Add lime, etc.
They are called “cup bowls”.
If a visitor comes to Myanmar tradition, that will happen
It is often used as a place of worship.

The effect of betel leaf is also on the Burmese world
The book of medicine is widely cited
They are. It gives you peace of mind, eyesight, and breath
It can be a sign of the disease. Keep the air calm
And I will show you the way of salvation. Peanut is a pepper
It is an ornamental plant, called botanical
The Portuguese name for the Portuguese name:
The Malayan people call it Vita
The Portuguese call it “betel”
Exports of Asia from Europe to Europe
Used in the formulation of drugs
In the Bible, the kernel has aches and pains
It heals and burns
It also says.

The leaves are crushed to the gall and the gallbladder
It helps to relieve suffering and to improve geography
It is said in the book of Chemistry
It has also been shown to kill parasites. The lime is warm
Because of this, the body is active in the body.
The liver and the gallbladder are poisonous
It can be erased
I have a lot of miscarriages. Sweating
The teeth, gums, and gums are all well and good teeth
It is said that the material that was given to it is said to have been given
Strength of betel nut
It can be a medicine for health
Believe it or not, it has been believed since ancient times
It seems to have been well-used.

According to Burmese tradition, the leaves are cut into pieces
They often make betel nut, but they do
But the matter of marriage and witchcraft
In the past, young men were not always the same
A gift to show love to young women
He also gave karma as well
I got punished and killed in the war
At the request, the boyfriend was at the request of the vet
She had to blow a kettle on her
It has been said. I love it
In addition to being used as a ward, witch doctors
The devotee, the devotee, recites the mantra
It is also used as a building material
Yes. In ancient court and court, court also
It is common for people to pay a certain amount of tax.

That is, in determining the length of time
The standard is “pot, kettle of flour”
They were. In ancient times, eating betel nut
When you feel calm, you feel calm
If angry, you take the betel in your mouth
It is usually used to remove sponges
When you don’t chew betel nut, you have it in your mouth
I know that it tastes good even if it is happening
The man who cheated on a lemon made a delicious taste
We often hate, “All our life
Betel Even half a lemon. ”

Amarapura, the first monastery in Amarapura
Meikhtila, the daughter of Meiktila
His name was Marion
1,456 New Year’s Day!
At the time of his birth, he was two and a half months old
This is because the wise mansion eats the garden
Sithya Raya and Wat Ba Nandar, the watchmaker
My Majesty the King of Myanmar said:
It is mentioned in Kham. How do you make a wedding cake?
It does not make the child chew betel nut
Marriage is merely a gift of betrothal
Yes. From that time on, the Burmese blessing
Cinnamon is added to the ritual as a ritual
It is noted that they were imported.

Nine letters U Kala’s “Great History”
“The Golden Rule”
Dagon Myothit
Than Win Hlaing “elusive”
Daily Burmese vocabulary dictionary ”
®Phoe K (29: 12: 2019)

Ko Kyaw Kyaw

Betel nut

Kun is an embodiment of the Burmese people. The ancient Burmese used to carry kites in the house as both men and women. If the visitor arrives, tea, tea, etc. They are often greeted by bamboo shoots. On his way to the palace, a relative was holding a kite. The leaves are betel-nut; Tobacco The kangaroo is usually placed separately.

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