Winzinmin yazar (or) Bo yazar

The patriarch was one of the great intellectuals of the Inner Age. The name you give to the king
The value of this is because of the value of the Vedanta. You and your nobles have called you Grandfather
It happened at They were also called Min Raja. In addition, it is also called the Rakhaingya Emperor.

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The patriarch was trying to reach the top of the plow. According to the birth dates of the paternal parents,
No specifics were found. According to the Mahabharata History and the Mahabharata, the Buddha was 72 miles from Inwa
He is a son from a remote village in Meiktila. That son was very knowledgeable from a young age
He studied. As a grown-up, he meets the daughter of the village chief.
He said, “This child is only learning knowledge.” He is not poor and hard working.
Disliked it. But as the daughter liked, she allowed him to please her. He gave them a field and a ox and made them escape.
In 730th Myanmar year, Meiktila lake collapsed and King Inwa king himself came.
Repairs to irrigation; On the blind there was a woman and a spirit. To those who may know about it,
They could not even ask. Ask the person who can speak. The manager’s son-in-law is the mark
And he said unto them, It is done. And the steward called the damsel, and said unto her, Daughter, be of good comfort; The Emperor called for his son
He spoke with trembling fear. Worried, her daughter followed her husband to inform Jeter.
He said, “The son will benefit from his wisdom.” He was forced to relieve his wife
At the horns of one of the oxen, he was released and eventually sent to the king.
Then the king asked him, “What is this? Not a demon. Your future son-in-law, Prince Harry
When Meiktila dam was built, The queen of the eunuchs was gone, and she was very beautiful. The image of the little queen made of pure gold
When it is firmly planted in the junction On the shore a wooden sculpture resembling that of a golden one appeared
He did. It is said that people first take the idol and call it a spirit.
According to the petition, the petitioner had ordered the excavation of the canal to be excavated and the excavation was completed. He got a golden image.
The king was pleased with the appearance of his son, following the appearance of his son.
Then he brought him into the palace.
When his son arrived in Inwa, he was staying in a high school. And it came to pass that night, that the burden was light;
In the dream hall, the schoolmaster dreamed that the spit was born in the mouth of the idol in the court. Dream
And when the servant’s servant came, he said to his son, I read that you will take whatever I say to you
After arriving in Inle, about a year later, The younger brother of the younger brother of the younger brother, because of the rebellion of the interior minister
In anger, the king consulted with the son to take action. And the son was with the king, and the son
He spoke with words that would benefit the descendants of his descendants. And the king said unto Ahimelech:
There is no bondage, and He is the embodiment of the Name.
The king then consulted the members of the political party. And the governor was with the governor
In the interests of the country, he applied the matter in great detail and applied it in a unique way. His Son
In the days of the monarchy, the incumbent monarch was given a great honor by the name of Raja.
King Razak was named after the King. The name of a monk from the time of his son King Dynasty
You have metaphorically applied each example to every problem that arises
It is easy for kings to speak. You also experience daily applications of your applications
It is easy to understand why everyone is living in a figurative way. Clearly
One of the rules was that in 732 Burma, Kalemyo and Moe Nyein were attacked, and both sides requested Inwa Min.
It came. The child said, “If you can win, you will keep the night.”
If it were too late, Nyi Nyi would say to the child. When the king instructed the matter to be resolved,
He told them the parable of the plow man. A farmer plows two chickens in the wild
And when he saw it, he said unto him, What a sign is this! Now if the chicken is caught, the field is not yet plowed. The chicken didn’t budge. The field mourns;
He continued to plow the fields, and he continued to plow.
And he said unto them, As the Lord hath said, so it is. As per the application
The two kingdoms, as you have obeyed, receive you.
In the reign of King Anawaddy, King Raja was the King of Arakan. The white elephant, who ruled only for 7 months
In addition to one day, In the days of the Emperor For every 53 years
Served Even in the year 783, in the year of King Naung Naing’s village, the wise and wise elder
Fate is gone.


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