Outside of Burma, 37 Sons of Spirituality

Demons worship spirits in Burma or in Burma, either in Burma or in Myanmar.
They are divided into 37 demigods and all other deities (eg tree watchers, water watchers, etc.).
All of the 37 deities are human beings. With violent death (green death)
They are also known as green spirits.
In Myanmar Buddhists, the gods are divided into two types. The spirits are below
Demons or gods; They are called spirits, whether they have names or not. Living in a Sixth Floor
Demons are called the upper spirits, or spirits. Demons are better than cities
There is more worship in rural areas.

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King Anawrahta (1044 – 1077) failed to ban the protection of the spirits.
37 For you have set an official goddess.
37 The Myths are presented as a list of Myawaddy monarchs.
1. Sakka (King of Kings)
2. The Great Giri
3. My sister is not my sister (sister of Thar Thar)
4. Shwe Nae Nae (wife of Maung Daung, wife of Maung Tint Tha)
5. Three Pan Pansu (sister of the elder brother, not the mother)
6. I love you so much.
7. You don’t even have a prince
8. Prince Min Phyu (son of Shwe Napar)
9. White Horse Prince (Anawrahta’s Father King Shinawatra)
10. White Mother’s Mother (Mother of King Kong)
11. President of Min Thang (son of Kun Sao Min)
12. The gold rush Pyongyang (son of the Buddha)
13. A little goldfish. Pyongyang (son of the Buddha)
14. Mandalay Father (who founded the Shwe Phin Brothers)
15. Ye (Mandalay’s sister)
16. Nyaung-gin Oo (the descendant of Thamminuu)
17. Thu Thin Thin Min Son (473-529)
18. Prince Dan Maung (son of Alaung Thin Min, Dan Sich died and died)
19. Kyaw Swan Nat (Mountain View)
20. You are not a great man.
21. Golden War Horse White Horse (son of Bagan Saw Monin Min)
22. Mother of Gold Buddha (Mother of Bagan Saw Monin Min)
23. Kyaw Kyaw Swing (son of Pinya Thiha)
24. You are the goddess of Buddhism.
25. My brother is like a vampire
26. Western Queen (Inwa Queen’s Late Queen)
27. Aung Phyu Phyu Sin Shin Thi (Thi Thin Min)
28. Shin Kone (the goddess of the Pink Sin Phyu Sin Shin)
29. Shwe Nara Thar (grandson of Inwa II King)
30. Ye Ye Aung Tin (Superior King)
31. Maung Min Phyu (the god of the Inya era)
32. God!
33. A golden eagle
34. The North Queen (Tata’s Golden Shepherd)
35. Taungoo Min (son of the northern prince and the prince of kings)
36. Be obedient
37. King of Yunnan
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