KaNoung Min Thar

Kang dynasty (Myanmar 1181-1281) was a modern country, while Myanmar was still a country of its own.
It is a Burmese prince who worked hard to achieve it. Consumer Productivity
The evolution of the system has changed from one era to another
There are also cases in Myanmar that created a paradigm shift in the middle of the 19th century
It was.

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The second city of Amarapura (1837-1846) and the title of “Sri Thirin Sandalah”.
The mountain of the Golden Rule Two sons were born to Kyaukme, the eldest of which was the eldest son
He was the fifth king in the fifth year of King Mindon. Prince
It was born on the second Sunday of the month of 11811 AD. Before birth, at sunrise
He was born on a hill and his father called him Maung Maung. What a lovely little kid
“The top pick,” he said, “was taken by the prince at the middle level. Pagan Monastery (1846-1853)
When he was crowned, he ate the city of Kantu with the title ‘Thiriya Dhamma Dhamma’. Therefore, it is called King Kong
It is in
However, in the second Anglo-Burmese War, Pagan Min played a leading role in the rebellion of Shwebo.
May 1214 At the age of 33, the queen of the west of Shwebo Dynasty (Queen Ma Mya Lay)
He married his daughter, Hlaing Thar Thar, and asked him to marry her. Taunggyi The fifth and fifth cities of the city of Stalin were eaten.
The prince was also the prince of the royal family and the prince of the throne.
He had a chance to succeed, but he had a great desire for the nephews (see Prince and King of Horse).
The assassination ended in a coup. He was only 47 at the time of his death.
In the early monarchy, the dynasties were more complicated than history.
The Kang prince had 52 wives and concubines, and 102 of them were born.
At the close of the Second Anglo-Burmese War near the end of King Naw Min’s rebellion against Bagan Naw Min, 1853;
On July 11, King Mindon became king and the prince became the crown prince. King Mindon was religious
The King is the one who wins in management. The prince of Kanu went to the West
Efforts were sent to try to modernize the Burmese army to modernize the Burmese army.
Armed factories were also established. The prince of Kanaung along the Ayeyarwady River
The ballistic tank was successfully developed to block the coming British warships.
However, the clergy were told that the monasteries were a waste of their lives.
The project has been halted due to objections. The same is true for other industrial establishments
Efforts have been made to stop him from dying. Some factories use English to Mandalay
After the occupation, they were back in operation.
The people of Kokang are well respected by the people, and only the King assassinated in the Kikun horse battle.
If not, Myanmar would have been so easy and subservient to colonial rule. They are believed to be premature.
At that time, countries like England and France were competing for colonies.
For the post-imperial kingdoms, it was only a matter of time and speed to fall into the hands of the emperor.
The Kang Prince is not a sovereign, and in the process of taking precautionary measures
Restrictions have not yet eased.
The Kangar Dynasty actor was buried in the foot of a mountain in Mandalay. During the 1988 military regime
The prince’s tomb was moved to the pagodas of Sankranti Pagoda and is now at the junction of Mandalay Hill.

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