About the Khao people of the 9 Bamar ethnic groups

Clan and Kandu are the same race.
Some Kundu words are similar to the Kachin words and may be related to the Kachin.
Some are good times, It is also thought to have come from Pyu and is also under research.

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The Cudu people were surrounded by the Assyrians. Colin! Ravine It is not enough.
Well, I know what it is. Sea container The Shan people live in the vicinity of the Inle Lake.
Most are Buddhists, live in peace and have some to catch their elephants.
The only language that can be identified as Kudu is a language that differs from the Burmese language. Culture Clothing
Food The festivals are the same as the Burman, and they are almost gone now.
The Codu people belong to an ancient tribe, the largest of the five minorities.
According to the 1931 census, the population was about 3,600 people, with a population of Kurdish speaking about 20,000.
In the Pagan period inscriptions, they were described as “kangaroos”. The Chinese records are again referred to as “chaotic” cars.
According to the Bagan inscriptions, the knees are the
They live in Thaketa and upper Depayin area, around Taunggyi.
The Burmese, who established an urban village in central Myanmar during the early thirteenth century, were central to Myanmar
From the northward migrations were referred to as the Kudu region. After the British conquered Upper Burma
The Kardashians gradually migrated from the periphery to the north. Now, the Ayeyarwady River in Kandawgyi District
It is found mainly in the west coast. Bhamo District Myitkyina to the northwest
It is widespread in the upper Chindwin district. There was no literature before. Now a local literary scholar U Htin Maung Kyaw (linguist)
Efforts and publications have sprung up. The latest version of the world accepted by the Gre-Rom Writing System
This is a writing method with 50 vowels. It’s easy to write and you can write short. In the world
It can be written in any language. In the past, they have served as the rulers of Myanmar
Until there was King Thibaw, there was a separate army battalion.
He is also the person who holds the gold tax for the royal treasury.
Aung Zaw Oo, also known as Aung San Suu Kyi, did not break the Union of Burma as well.
After the Second English War Chinese and Shan Shan allies seek to occupy upper Burma
I’ve tried. At that time, the Kachins fought in the Kachin-Kayah War, as well as the China-Burma War from Naypyidaw.
The unsuccessful battle was won by the mental warfare of the knight Kuti hero. Chinese leader
The mental warfare was successful until his nephew was decapitated. It was during these two battles
The Kudu ethnic people have won the victory and now the Kachin and Shan States are in the union. The last war
The Cairo men suffered heavy losses in the Chinese Burma War. During independence talks, General Aung San said
The Kudu have been assigned to Kachin State without any negotiation with the Karens. From the days of the English
The Karens were divided and had little interest in politics. In the 1990 elections
The 2010 and 2015 elections did not include the representatives of the ethnic nationalities.
At present, there is little potential for a political party to be formed. Good ethnic leader
There is a need for youths to start the process of national reconciliation.

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