Why did the book and the movie get the exact name of the new Corona virus?

The global outbreak of the Coronavirus has been declared a global emergency. Many people are worried and dying because of the death of so many people. Along with these concerns, conspiracy theories have surfaced on social networks. That is, did Simpson’s book and movie writers predict the new virus was due to the virus. Let’s find out if the book has been featured in books and movies about the new Corona virus.

Ancient Simpsons

Did the animated series predict a new virus worldwide? It is hard to deny that Donald Trump has been named the President of the United States for the past 16 years. The bulk of the syndication taken from Simpson’s 1993 section places the account on the social network account. You’ll see the word “Coronavirus” in the Simpson movie. They may not believe it. Look at the picture.

 A Novel About the Hangzhou Virus

In 1981, the author wrote about the Wuhan 400 virus, “The Eyes of the Darkness”. In addition, the virus has the potential to destroy a city or country. It has also been reported that the accident has caused panic among people around the world. Almost 40 years ago, people quickly shared the text of the book, which seemed to be predicting the Coronavirus.

Contagion’s 2011 movie Predict Deadly Virus Infection

There was a movie in 2011 that resembled the Corona virus. Contagion is about a virus that started in Hong Kong. The MEV-1 virus in the movie killed 20% of the people. The social network account for 2011’s horror film, World Health Organization, is very similar to what’s happening now.

End of Days

There is also another book that social media users are predicting is a coronavirus. “End of Days” written by author Sylvia Browne. The text and images in the book are spread across social networks. “By the end of 2020, severe pneumonia will not spread around the world,” the book says. “It will affect the lungs and respiratory tract and be treated with all known treatments.”

Just as social media users have assumed, books and movies have long been the catalyst for the virus.

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