Why do men commit adultery?

A woman is her husband
I found out that the decay was wrong.

She was disturbed and spent her life
How to proceed
I don’t know
Spending time on a mountain
(I used to be a friend in life)
To the wise monk
Get advice and open your heart
It came out.

Walking, walking,
Includes hiking trails
After a few days
Spending the day at the top of the mountain
I went to the monk.

“The whole life of the disciple
He gave her time.
Sourcing young things
I lived with him.

He cared for her and cared for her.
Now he is no more than a disciple
The young man has been chosen.

The disciples did not
There is nothing now.
What do you need to do next?
I don’t know. ”

At that time the monk said
A cookie to a woman
He offered to eat.

After eating the woman
“Does it taste good?”
Ask me

The woman said:
“Put up .. Good God!”

“Would you take another one?”

“I’ll take it .. God”

Then the priest said
The eyes of a woman
Take a look

“Now, the Dhamma itself
What is the problem?
Did you see it? ”

The woman is ° ° °
Think for a moment and ° ° °
Upload …
Human nature is
Get greedy and get one
If you want something else,

And ° ° °
A new one,
I want one more big one.
Greed never stopped.

And ° °
Nothing is permanent.
You know, not forever.
The disciples must be careful about this.

And ° ° °
The loss must also be sustained. ”
Slowly I said.

Then the priest said
I nodded my head
° ° ° in anger

“No, not only.
I mean, other people
What do you say?

You’re too fat like a pig.
I see you!
Husband’s mental illness.

So ° ° °
“You should eat a lot of turmeric.”
The drink’s saying “

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