The teacher’s money was exchanged with the Central Bank for exchange of over K 23 million

The teacher’s bribe was exchanged with the Central Bank to exchange 23 million kyats, which happened on 13-2-2020, in exchange for the money laundering of the Bishop of Mya Bei with the Central Bank of Myanmar in connection with the Central Bank of Myanmar exchanging some money and exchanging some money. The Central Bank of Myanmar made efforts to exchange the notes in accordance with the published rules and returned Ks.

The Director General and staff from the Central Bank of Central Bank helped to exchange the notes. During the presentation, friends from the township, the township administration, and other community members came to give advice at the commet. The fire department, police station, local administrative officials Sirs, in love with a person at a given  Phyo Wai (Myanmar), the Central Bank  Soe (Myanmar). Ye Htut Aung San Lin Tun, and typography in order to exchange a copy to the Chairman of the Committee gave directions, U Maung Maung Thein (Secretary) and (Healthcare Teacher Team) to Allah …  higher the rule is still being taken care of (q / 2 Chairman) + Thet to their.. (1)  thanked collapsible recorded.

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