A father who is digging in with his daughter who is suffering from leukemia

The worst thing parents in the world have to do is watch their children lose their children.

Zhang Liyong, who lives in Sichuan, China, lives with his two-year-old daughter, Zhang Xin Lei

After learning that he was suffering from blood cancer, he became depressed and did not receive YouTube. Also, medical expenses

Liyong had to pay a lot of debt. “We have borrowed a lot of money.

In addition, no one is lending us any more, ”Liyong said sadly. Liyong is a lot of money
Although he had borrowed money from his family because of the need, all refused to take the loan.
Liyong’s daughter, Xin Lei, gradually deteriorated and needed immediate medical attention.

But Liyong can’t afford to pay for his daughter. The ministers say they are considering surgery soon

They had no money, and they had no time for their daughter.

Liyong, who surrenders to the world, loses his daughter when he is greeting her.

Every day he was lying in a dug hole. After that, the boy’s four tragic stories spread on social networks and caused everyone to see it. Now, charitable organizations and communities have been collecting donations and helping with surgery.

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