The woman who makes waste waste gold

I met a woman who was leading a large business that was able to reduce the environment while maintaining the environment. He is New Life Plastic (NLP) Co., LTD. Director of Plastic Recycling Factory. He says, “We started our work in Hmawbi.

PP Recycle Plastic Cuff Cleaner Founded in 2013, the company has expanded to Hlaing Tharyar in 2013 and has been producing LDPE and LLDPE plastic leaf cleaners.

This year, we have produced a series of wineries designed for use by the wineries. In addition, since 2016, the purchase of Waste from the Coca-Cola factory has been cleared and re-shipped PET bottles to other non-food processing plants. Currently, the PP Recycle capsule produces 50 tonnes per month and the LDPE recycle capsule produces about 100 tonnes per month.


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