The police officer who brought the baby to the police station called him hungry

United States of America, The five-year-old, who lives in Arizona, called himself hungry for a meal from a McDonald’s restaurant because he was hungry. A police officer called Charlie, a 5-year-old boy, to call the police station at the local police station. He said he wanted to eat Madonna and was now hungry. The officer Anthony took the phone and asked if he was in a hurry. The address was recorded when the child said yes.

Later, Officer Scott Valdes, of the camp, telephoned him about 15 hours after the patrol, and sent him home with Madden. Charlie’s family were at home, but they did not know when they received a call, and the officer arrived with the baby, posing with the baby, posting a post on the camp’s Facebook page, saying that the camp had neglected the services the children requested.

But the officer was to make clear that the child says he had to send him any blank area in need can go the police department, I would like to note that a rule to alert the public presence is a fun lunch is a matter of the children of the pump is popular on the police department’s explanation was .

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