Invalid SIM cards will be closed by June 30th

The government has announced that it will register only one or two SIM cards and will close all invalid SIM cards after 30 June.

Consumers can use the authentication method provided by the respective mobile operators and the SIM cards you use are registered with your profile. If checked incorrectly, the mobile operator will be able to confirm whether the mobile operator is online or not. It will be announced by the end of June 30 that it will have to register at the stores or stores.

Mobile operators will also work to facilitate registration, according to the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Any existing ID or Certificate issued by the existing law and the registration of more than two cards The SIM card will be closed after the April 30 deadline for the registration of unregistered SIMs. It will close after 30 June.

As a customer, the SIM card you use is your personal name, The facts are true. False is the fact that the mobile phone shops and mobile operators are concerned. Web site and mobile applications can be scanned, tested, and downloaded. It is possible to register.

To improve the use of mobile phones to make payments and transactions, secure and efficient means of reducing cyber crime. The ministry said the users are responsible for carrying out their phones.

For this reason, the company has issued a Code of Practice for Mobile Service User Registration in 2014 and has repeatedly instructed mobile operators to register.

It later said that about 65,000 SIM cards were unregistered until 30 June 2017.

Since April 2009, it has been advised to sell only two national identification cards or one with a national identification card, but by the end of January 31, 2020, more registered SIMs will be around 12.95 million, At about 4.6 million miles, About 4.6 million in Ooredoo and 6 million in Telenor; There are 28.2 million in total, according to the ministry.

The Telecommunications Department also imposed a fine of US $ 100,000 each for failing to comply with the telephone registration law of the four mobile operators.


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