Children living safely in their parents’ bosom

This is the age to live safely in the bosom of both parents and play through childhood without the heat. Every time I see a baby, I feel like you are in constant pain. We had to leave early in the morning to leave small children. Some of them had to come down a long distance from the car.

In front of the school, you can see the same children playing outside in school uniforms running around in school uniforms. There is no need to question whether their background is unpleasant. I am relieved to be able to take refuge under the shadow of the Buddhist religion. I would also like to thank the schools that received the care. And in the case of the son-in-law, the children will be sure that they will be successful in keeping with the rules. (Even adults are hard to follow, aren’t they?)

Every time I pity on the thought of my own children, I feel sorry for them for losing their childhood. If you only have children, don’t get up early in the morning to sleep in the long, hot summer days.

It is impossible to live in a street corner shop. It’s not difficult if you get a long-term illness. But the only thing you can do is to give as much money as you can to the little ones. At that moment, the smile on their faces suddenly dimmed the flames in their eyes.

Looking back at the funky little ones, he said, “Good luck to us! Just be a man! ”

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