Wedding Gift Celebration Held for Two Thousand Kyats

Taungoo Township Seagull Group; On February 20, a charity wedding was held in Phonnai Seik village with a donation of 7,000 kyats. Sein Sein Tint (57), a widow in Phon Ni Seik village, wants to pay a fine of 7,000 kyats with one monk, and a monk. 1 pillow The villagers had brought a protest and brought it to the village headman and told him they wanted to live for their grandson.

7,000 dollars 1 symbol One strike; He brought a bean and wanted to give his grandson life. Want arranged feasts tomorrow at the village school after applying Bishop villagers collectively 8pm on February 19 to rotate the donation ceremony on February 20 he was held without making Gods gift to make a full dedicated desire to give to the people of all Daw Sein He loves being an old man calls “village Chemistry Myint Soe said.

Her mother, Sein Tint, was a little mentally ill. At the end of the day, some of the surplus donations were donated to children in the village.

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