The singer was arrested and detained


The singer was arrested and detained
composition We received information from a person close to the art community that Tae So Byeha was arrested and detained this morning (May 24).
The strategy is based on the North-South, where it lives. Ba Htoo Housing (2), (48) Ward visited and arrested.
A video clip of the slanderous strategy has also been circulating on social networking sites recently, due to dissatisfaction over the lack of regular electricity.
“I don’t know who the guys who work as the Ministry of Electricity are. I don’t know the name. What kind of electricity is it? Starting from there, all the beginnings are big Jojo ears. The guy who is currently ruling the country is also not listening to Jojo. There is no fluidity,” he said in the video file.
The strategy was to upload the above video file with the text, “Even if electricity is distributed to Yangon city (5 hours apart), the people who can’t make it stand up will be cut off because of the blackout.”
Therefore, the above news source continued to say that he was detained and interrogated today.

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