AA said that more than 11,000 Rakhine people were rescued to escape from the storm

AA said that more than 11,000 Rakhine people were rescued to escape from the storm
Rakhine Army (AA) Spokesperson Khaing Thukha said that over 11,000 people in Rakhine State have been given emergency relief due to the powerful cyclone Mokha in the southeast of the Bay of Bengal.
Map of Rakhine State on May 10th and 11th. 11,876 residents from 21 villages, including Paoktaw Township, have been evacuated from the storm shelters, and residents who don’t want to move have been educated about the storm. Khaing Thukha said that they gave medicine and life jackets.
He also said that the Araksha People’s Government is working diligently with the resources they have to ensure the safety of the people and to minimize the loss of lives and homes during the storm.
Rakhine Army (AA)’s social relief programs and thousands of residents of Ngman Ye Kyung, Myap Township, have fled to villages close to Min Pya Township, a Myap resident said.
The strong cyclone “Mokha” alerts are being updated in real time by the Telegram channel of the Humanitarian and Development Cooperation Office (HDCO) of the Rakhine Army.
The Rakhine Army (AA) in Rakhine State, which is always affected by storms, About 5,000 people were evacuated from 13 villages on Ngman Le Island in Myap Township.
Residents said that the military council and the Rakhine Army (AA) in Rakhine State, where Cyclone Mokha is headed, are doing parallel preparations for the rescue.
As the very strong Cyclone Mokha was able to pass through near Sittwe City, Rakhine State Chief Minister U Htin Lin led by the military council and invited monks and nuns to offer water floats to the Shin Upagutta Fountain on the Sittwe Sea this morning, May 12th.
An analyst of Rakhine affairs said, “The military council is warning the people about the dangers of the storm in the current storm. Natural disaster prevention role play training. We do awareness raising and leaflet distribution. The people have seen what the Rakhine Army is actually doing,” he said.
A strong cyclone forming in the southeast of the Bay of Bengal may pass near Sittwe between Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh and Kyaukphyu in Myanmar on May 14, according to Moe Zala.
Storm Mokha arrived as a very strong cyclone on May 12th, and on May 14th, it hit the northern Rakhine coast. Bangladesh It is estimated that the crossing between Cox’s Bazar and Kyauk Phyu near Sittwe will be possible.
The strong cyclone Mocha (MOCHA) has been set to move towards the Bangladesh-Myanmar coast and has been set at an orange level, and may cross near Sittwe, the Rain Department announced this morning.
Due to the storm that hit Rakhine on May 10, 1968, wars, forest Thousands of people died and more than 6,000 houses were destroyed in Myap and Minpya townships.

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