A woman who was sold at a hairdresser’s shop in the “Wa” area, Myin Po, escaped

A woman who was sold at a hairdresser’s shop in the “Wa” area, Myin Po, escaped
“Wa” region, It is reported that a woman who was sold at a hairpin shop in Myng Pho city jumped over a brick wall and escaped. Ma Aye Win (name changed), who was sold in Bagu City, said that he came to My Phu City to work because he was sold to My Phu City to work because of the contact of his sister’s cousin, who is a broker. He escaped after 5 days.
He said that the broker received 3,000 Chinese yuan from Ma Aye Win and 2,000 from his employer, a total of 5,000 Chinese yuan.
On the first and second days after being sold, Kotae was forced to work in a barber shop and then forced into prostitution. Ma Aye Win said that if he couldn’t do it, he had to go to the place where he was sent because he was told to pay 25 million Myanmar kroner as compensation.
He said that he stayed in the room for 3 days and didn’t do any work. When he ran away, he only took one phone, no shoes, and 1,000 Chinese yuan.
Sin barbershop is just a name, but behind the scenes, it is mainly engaged in online scams and prostitution, and the boss is Chinese.
There are people who come knowing that they are working as prostitutes and prostitutes.
Before April, there were people who were hanged, and some of them could not be released because they could not pay the compensation to get out and borrowed money from the boss.
The working hours are from 2:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and each person with the boss gets 100,000 Myanmar kyats for half an hour, and those who can receive guests from 2:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each get 400,000 kyats with the boss.
In addition to Burmese women, there are also Chinese and Vietnamese people, and the street where the building is located is always crowded with people.
Ma Aye Win, who escaped from a situation where people who wanted to work in Myng Pau were sold, said, “I want to go after thorough investigation. I don’t want to trust my brothers and sisters. My sister and cousin called me saying they can make more money here. I think I have to work at a barber shop. After investigating thoroughly, go.”
“Wa” region, The price of goods is very high, there are many tiger distribution companies and the city with the most human trafficking.

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