Planning to sell more than 20 hotels in Yangon

Planning to sell more than 20 hotels in Yangon
More than 20 hotels in Yangon are planned to be sold. Luxury House published the above notice on its social network page on May 5th.
The hotels to be sold include three (3) floors, including the highest (8) floors. (4) floor, Hotels with (5) and (6) floors are reported to be included. As for the prices, starting from the highest hundred thousand (900000) to the lowest hundred thousand (25 thousand) whether owned or not. The announcement also states that it can be bought or leased.
In this sale, Bahang Township, including Mayangone Township in Yangon, Yanking Township Bo Tizang Township, Dagon Township, Kyaukchada Township, Parami Road, near Sule Pagoda It is reported that 21 hotels in Kamarut Township and Tamui Township are included.

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