People can complain about difficulties related to online shopping

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People can complain about difficulties related to online shopping
The Department of Consumer Affairs has informed that people can report difficulties related to online shopping.
The Department of Consumer Affairs announced the above notification in the last few days.
For the public, there is no delivery of goods after paying for online shopping. The announcement stated that complaints can be made regarding the quality of the product advertised and the product received.
In addition, the phone numbers listed on the page can also complain about exaggerating the information to be included in the goods, including not being able to contact them after receiving money from users.
Failure to deliver the same goods within the agreed upon time; You can also report that the contact address and phone number listed on the Online Shopping Page are not real, and that the product receipts of the delivery service companies are faked.
Therefore, if consumers want to complain, they can do so on the official website of the Department of Consumer Affairs. It is reported that you can download the DOCA Myanmar Mobile Application and file a complaint.
Also, call the Consumer call center (1535) number and Facebook page and According to the statement, complaints can also be made at the Consumer Information and Complaints Center (CICC).

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