Exclusive Crypto.com App for Samsung Galaxy Z fold devices

Exclusive Crypto.com App for Samsung Galaxy Z fold devices
Crypto.com has partnered with Samsung to release a special app version for Galaxy Z fold devices. These versions can provide user experience that can only be found in Z fold devices, for example, price charts can be opened simultaneously and prices can be compared, so it will be more capable than other phones.
Also, the partnership between Crypto.com and Samsung seems to show that there is a good relationship between the mobile phone industry and the crypto industry. In fact, Samsung has also been in the field of cryptocurrency for a long time, and in 2021, it released the Galaxy A series, a blockchain-based smartphone series, and added a built-in hardware wallet feature to securely store cryptocurrencies in this series of phones.
In March 2023, Samsung partnered with NFT marketplace Nifty to introduce the world’s first smart TV that will be able to use NFTs, which has yet to hit the market.

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