The Navy and Air Force trained more than a thousand young people

Source: BBC

The Navy and Air Force trained more than a thousand young people
Under the leadership of the Navy and Air Force, more than 1300 young people are being trained at around 30 camps across the country as youth marine and aviation courses.
The Military Council announced that basic military skills (unarmed) will also be included in these courses. The opening ceremony of this course was attended by the Chief Ministers of Regions and States, The commanders, The Chief of Military Staff (R) and the Air Force Base Department Commander personally attended and opened the event.
The training will start on April 24 in order to produce young experts in maritime and aviation.
Marine youth base and high level training schools in Koko island, Rakhine State Sitt and Kyauk Phyu, Tanintharyi Division Heinze, We are providing training at Mawlamyin in Mon State and Pathein Marine Youth Camps in Irrawaddy Division.
At the same time, the military council announced that 11 naval youth camps are training more than seven hundred trainees.
Similarly, the Air Force is providing basic aviation youth training at the senior and junior levels in Myitkyina, Taunggyi, Kyaiton, Magwe, Pathein and Mithila.
In addition, the Air Force is training nearly seven hundred trainees from 17 aviation youth camps. These courses last for 4 weeks and include naval and aviation studies, including nuclear information center studies.
On the other hand, hundreds of people have died due to airstrikes by the military council, and there is strong opposition from both domestic and foreign countries to the deaths of airstrikes, including the Ananpa incident, which killed tens of people.

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