Drones built out of cardboard used by Ukrainian soldiers

Drones built out of cardboard used by Ukrainian soldiers
It is reported that the Ukrainian soldiers who are fighting against the Russian invasion can use drones built using paper and cardboard with the help of a company based in Melbourne, Australia. Named the Precision Payload Delivery System (PPDS), the drone is made of paper cardboard, It can be easily mounted with leather straps and launched using a slingshot device.
It can fly up to a distance of around 120 kilometers (75 miles) and can be used to deliver medicine and support materials to the frontline.
The package, which includes a battery motor and 24 parts to assemble the cardboard drone, is about the size of a pizza box.
It can also be driven and flown with the help of GPS guidance, and the drone can continue to fly automatically even when radio signals are disturbed by the Russian military’s GPS jamming technology.
With the help of the Australian government, about 100 ships have been delivered to Ukraine every month since last February. Although the company has not announced the selling price of the drone, it is estimated that it could be above $1,000

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