A country that does not have a large elk farm and gets as much dried elk meat as it needs

A country that does not have a large elk farm and gets as much dried elk meat as it needs
There are people who say that they sell dry elk meat in Myanmar. Come to think of it, there is not a single elk farm in Myanmar. However, you can get dried elk meat in markets all over the country. So I checked.
As far as I know, lamb, goat meat Buffalo meat. In fact, if you really buy and eat that meat, it’s worth it.
It is not easy to catch an elk. The number of elk in Myanmar is very small. Even so, 1 out of 10 hunters are rarely seen in the jungle.
So, the dried elk meat, which is easily available at any local market, is questionable. That is, I don’t know if other meats are sold with discolored meat. What is certain is that they are selling beef and other meats that have been dyed.
You don’t eat meat. If you are someone who doesn’t eat dog meat, I suggest you never eat dried elk meat. Another thing is that if a buffalo dies on the mountain, there is plenty of elk meat at the market at the foot of the mountain. If the people of the city ate dried elk meat, they only ate dried dog meat on the side of the road. Now they know that they don’t eat much anymore.
They only buy dried elk meat from the forest. From forest elk meat to chicken meat. It is not easy to get real elk meat. I got real dried elk meat from sick cattle. Now, if there are cattle with broken legs, cattle that are too forced to step on the ridge and never get up again, and cattle that suffocate and die, it is dry elk meat.
If the branch is dead, take out the meat. Return to the village and buy alcohol. What should be sprinkled on the meat drains? You should soak it, the buffalo meat will turn brown. Hard flesh. Elk meat is too elk to live up to its name. Even raw meat can be pulled away from its drain.
When the hard buffalo meat is touched with alcohol, the meat starts to crack so that it can be pulled like elk meat. After washing, rinse with water. Sharply with a knife. Dissolve sugar (or not) sweet powder in water. Soak again. When sugar is heated, it glows more red. It also has sweetness.
Now we have real elk meat, very sweet and delicious, we have real dry elk meat that can’t be distinguished by others, except for some forest people. Real dried elk meat brought from the mountain.
In the hands of representatives of the city. After that, it was in the hands of the citizens of Shwe. Bake. Separate the meat. It’s real dried elk meat. In the forest, on the mountain. Ah, Even the smell is sweet.
Credit to Wan Thaw and one of the original authors

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