The main reason for buying lizards at a good price

The main reason lizards are being bought at a good price

A Thai company has announced that it will buy fresh lizards for 300 baht per kilo and sun-dried lizards for 300,000 baht per ton.

Because there are many countries and people who eat lizard meat because it is good for health.

Not only lizards, but also lizards and similar species such as chameleons, tigers, Shaw Phut, Animals such as bats are also included.

Here are the amazing benefits that will be gained by eating lizards and other species of lizards.

If you are going to cook, the tail, laugh head Cut the anus and boil it in hot water for 2 hours.

Also, it is said that you can cook as you like. The sledgehammer used to cut the lizard must also be kept aside, and other things must not be cut on top of it. Because it can cause food poisoning.

(1) Increases strength… Because lizard meat is rich in calories, it not only increases strength, but also improves stamina and endurance.

(2) Can prevent asthma… The nutrients contained in lizard meat are related to respiratory diseases

As it can heal, it can prevent asthma as well as other respiratory diseases.

(3) It can treat epilepsy… In some Asian countries, lizards are used to treat epilepsy. Lizard meat is also said to be particularly good for the brain and nerves.

(4) It cures skin diseases… Lizard meat can cure skin diseases such as itching, It is said that it can cure skin diseases called eczema and psoriasis.

It is also known that lizard meat can be dried and made into a powder and applied to itches.

(5) Purifies the blood… Lizard meat can purify the blood and cleanse the bowels.

(6) Cures acne… Lizard meat has the ability to cure skin diseases, so it also cures acne. Some people use lizard blood to treat acne.

(7) Cures cancer… In Indonesia, a cancer patient was advised by doctors to eat lizard meat.

Therefore, after 6 months of regular consumption of 3 lizards daily, it was found that the cancer disappeared.

(8) Hemorrhoids… Lizard meat can heal hemorrhoids, improve digestion, and cure bowel-related diseases.

(9) Prevents stroke… eating lizard meat causes paralysis, paralysis, It can also prevent strokes.

(10) Long life… According to a news report, when the world’s oldest old man (123 years old) was interviewed, the old man said that he ate lizard meat every day. It is reported that the old man is still alive and healthy.

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