Can I Use My Cell Phone in Belize?

What come to mind when you think of going to Belize? You probably think of clear blue skies, ocean waves, and lots of time to unwind. But even if you’re going to Belize to get away from it all, you might not want to be cut off from your friends, family, or work for the whole time.

Fortunately, nowadays, you don’t have to be without a cell phone because most people can easily use their phones abroad.

How to use your US cell phone while visiting Belize is explained in detail here.
1. Step one is to ensure that your cell phone is unlocked: ensure that your mobile device is unlocked. This indicates that it is independent of any one service provider. If you check and find that your phone is tied to a service provider, you can ask them to unlock it for free, which should be a simple process. For more details, visit the website of your service provider.
2. Inform your cell phone provider that you are going to Belize You will need to inform them that you are leaving the United States to go to Belize. They will turn on roaming, allowing you to use the Belizean network to access all the usual services as soon as you turn on your phone.
3. Check with your service provider to see if you will be able to use voice and texting services when you arrange roaming services in Belize. It’s possible that only voice service is enabled by default. Therefore, before you leave home, ensure that you are prepared if both forms of communication are significant to you.
4. Check the cost of international roaming fees. Roaming fees can cost a lot, especially when you consider how cheap cell plans are at home. When you get your next bill, you might be surprised to learn that phone calls can cost several dollars per minute. Ensure you’ve looked at this before you show up.
5. for frequent use: Buy a Belize SIM card when you arrive If you plan to use your phone a lot in Belize, this is another option. You will be able to do this if your phone is unlocked and can use the 1900 GSM frequency. Pre-loaded SIM cards can be purchased at very low prices.
6. To charge your cell phone, bring an international plug adapter. Since your cell phone won’t be much use if it runs out of juice, an international plug adaptor is one of the most important items you should bring.

The voltage that is used in Belize is 110V and 220V, which can change depending on where you are in the country. Belize likewise utilizes more than one fitting sort, and in many spots, a three-pronged US plug won’t work (albeit a two dimensional one will). To ensure that you are protected regardless of the type of socket, bring an adaptor.
7. Check to see if there is Wi-Fi. While you can get pretty good data plans in Belize, the best way to avoid paying extra is to see if there is Wi-Fi in your hotel or in the bars and restaurants you go to. If this is the case, you can schedule time to browse the internet or even make a WhatsApp voice call without having to pay for it.

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