Five Tips For What to Wear at Golf Courses

Playing a round of golf is an excellent way to spend an afternoon, and it’s hard to find one. You get to enjoy the game’s rich sense of history and tradition in addition to spending time outside. It’s not always easy to figure out what the ideal golf attire is if you’re new to hitting the links. Some of that tradition also extends to the wardrobe. When it comes to selecting an outfit, these four hints can help eliminate some of the guesswork so that you can always feel at ease and look your best when you visit your favorite golf courses.

Check the Rules Before you pick up your clubs, ask the facility where you’re playing about the dress code. Some courses may have very specific rules, like shorts that are the right length or no jeans. If you are familiar with these recommendations, planning an outfit can be much simpler and you won’t end up feeling out of place.

For hitting the links, it’s always a good idea to choose a collared shirt when selecting a shirt. Although they are not required by all facilities, they are typically the preferred appearance on the links. Depending on your preference, you can choose a polo style or a button-down collared option. Choose a shirt with a collar and short sleeves for warm weather. Choose a style with long sleeves for cool weather. Before you head out, check the rules of some courses to see if they allow women to wear shirts without sleeves in warm weather.

Keep It Classic Golf courses typically enforce a stricter dress code, so it’s best to wear classic clothing on the green. Khaki shorts or pants are a better option than your favorite pair of jeans. When you wear shorts, pay close attention to how long they are. Shorts that are very short are not appropriate for the links, but short ones that are very long can also make you look sloppy and out of place. Shorts in the style of Bermuda should reach just above the knee. In warm weather, golf skirts are another option for women.

Keep Cool When playing golf in the heat, it’s important to wear clothes that keep you cool to perform at your best. Choose shorts, shirts, pants, and other items made of cotton, which are lightweight and breathable. Even if you sweat out on the back nine, you’ll still stay cool and dry because some pieces are made of a knit mesh wicking material that helps pull moisture away from the body.

Stay Fit If you play in cold or wet conditions, you’ll probably need a jacket or rain gear to keep dry and warm. But when it comes to outerwear for golf courses, go with pieces that are slim and close-fitting. If you wear clothing that is too big or too bulky, it can make it harder for you to move around and change how you swing. And who wants to add strokes to their game just to stay warm or dry?

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