It was hard to believe that she had lost her useless body at death

After the death of actor Khine Win, we donate to the body, which is no longer useful.

What a wonderful gift it was to me on Valentine’s Day. She was also encouraged by her lover. Khine Wei continues to work on social welfare and provides support to poor families.

It is now a well-established, orphaned, child-loving, orphaned, child-like child. Artists and fans are making donations to keep her house afloat.

Khine Thwe donated to the University of Medicine to use her body in a useless place when her lover died today. She also shared a birthday cake for her children on her social media page, which she also shared with 198 children.

The first one was donated to my body on 14.2.2020 .. This body is no longer useful when it goes to donate to help the public for medical benefit and for the sake of advancing the medical profession of the country. Eye. The second donation was to give 198 children VD chocolates to the blind. It was a good time for the blind children to be able to read. Thank you to him for urging you to go through this wonderful day with great charisma.

I wish you all the best in the area of ​​charity and not just the people who encourage you to do so, and wish you a better and more prosperous future.

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