How to Perfect the Brawler Style for Kiryu Kazuma? – Yakuza 0

Yakuza 0’s Chapter 1 on the PlayStation 4 begins at night in an alley off Pink Street North in Kamurocho, Japan. When a foreigner by the name of Bacchus approaches Kiryu Kazuma and his sworn brother Nishiki, you play as him.

After that, Kiryu was lectured by Bacchus about the importance of investing in his fighting skills and the Brawler style. Kiryu’s resolve and composure were bolstered by the blue aura around his shoulder when he faced off against foes.

considered the Yakuza Zero combat strategy that was closest to Kiryu’s actual strategies. In addition, the ability to defeat enemies and boss battles is referred to as a “Brawler.” A flash of red will immediately appear when you press the square, triangle, or circle buttons, indicating that you are able to defend yourself against the opponent. Another amazing and effective method of combat that avoids button-mashing can be found in the Kamurocho streets.

Bacchus: Who is he?

Bacchus, a former boxing coach, enjoys exploring Kamurocho and racking up debt. He realized that Kiryu Kazuma had the potential to become one of the best fighters—or, to use Yakuza 0’s terminology, a “monster”—after watching Kiryu Kazuma defeat two drunken opponents. Consequently, he offers to train him at the Tenkaichi Alley later in the narrative.

Five Special Instructions In order to complete tasks in the underworld and improve your Brawler-style abilities, you will encounter thugs, Yakuza, and Men in Black on a daily basis. Throughout Yakuza 0, Bacchus will teach you five special moves; however, you cannot perform them unless you are in Level 3 Heat mode.

You will learn how to fight in the Extra Resolute Counter First Lesson by charging your Resolute Counter, pressing the attack button, and using the charged counter to eliminate your opponent.

In the second lesson, you will learn how to break down defense by pressing a triangle. This is the essence of face twisting. The enemy’s face will become twisted as you block their attack.

The essence of this lesson—timely disarming—is absolutely necessary to succeed against the blade-wielding enemies. The enemy’s knife charge will require you to be prepared. Then, quickly press the triangle button to perform this epic move.

The essence of wall-smashing In order to finish this lesson, you must be behind a wall. Pressing the triangle completes the final move. To furnish the foe with a remarkable, difficult experience, Kiryu will lock on the foot and crush it with his elbow.

The essence of finishing blows is training in the final and coolest heat action. Pressing square, square, square, and triangle at first will cause the enemy to fall. Tap the triangle quickly to perform a finishing move after that combo. Kiryu will strike the opponent with a flying punch to complete this combo. Timing is everything between the end of your combo and the start of your final move.

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