Relationships: Can Someone Fear Human Contact If They Had An Intrusive Caregiver?

The feeling of being alone and cut off from other people is one thing that people may frequently struggle with.They might be desperate for human contact at this point and hoping to soon spend time with a few others.

However, even if this were to occur, it would not imply that their entire being would surround another.To put it another way, their emotional self will not be present, but their physical self will.
An analogy: If you’re extremely hungry and only order a starter at a restaurant rather than a three-course meal, this is similar.It’s certainly better than nothing, but it won’t fill them up.

They’ll soon be back to how they were before, and if anything, it will just alleviate their hunger and loneliness.They can resume their previous behavior now that they have consumed their fast food.
Hidden In order for them to receive the nutrients they require, their emotional self must also manifest.Naturally, they will be able to meet some of their requirements with this.
In addition, it will permit them to fully participate rather than merely play a role.When they are around another person, they are more likely to become the person they believe that other people want them to be.
The False Self During this time, they might appear docile, content, and submissive.By being like this, they will act more like an expansion of one more than a different being that has their own requirements, sentiments and needs.
Given this, it might be necessary for them to be in their own company in order for them to feel connected to themselves.If this is the case, neither being with another person nor by themselves will be very fulfilling.
Two Options This could be something they are completely unaware of or something they are unaware of at all.They might be sick and tired of feeling so alone and losing themselves in the company of others, if they are aware of it.
They might reach the point where, despite the loneliness, they prefer to be by themselves.They won’t have to put on a show in front of others, even though this will hurt.

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