Fantasy 1: Chemical substitution Causes Bosom Disease

The Ladies’ Wellbeing Drive of 2002 is at fault for this falsehood. It showed the accompanying outcomes in three arms addressing 10,000 ladies in each:

30 instances of obtrusive bosom disease in the gathering utilizing no HRT
38 instances of obtrusive bosom disease in the premarin-provera bunch (unnatural estrogen/progesterone)
Under 30 instances of intrusive bosom disease for premarin alone (unnatural estrogen)

The third arm of this study was not detailed in the underlying outcomes, but rather it demonstrated the estrogen alone gathering had a lower frequency of bosom disease than the other two gatherings, remembering the people for no chemicals! This diminished frequency of bosom malignant growth in the estrogen bunch continued in follow up examinations 8 years a short time later.

End: Estrogen doesn’t “cause” bosom disease, yet may speed up its development assuming the malignant growth contains estrogen receptors.

Legend 2: Chemical trade treatment is just to stop hot blazes

Estrogen treatment can do substantially more than basically remove a hot blaze. Once in a while a higher portion might be expected to diminish nervousness, assist with rest, increment sexual craving, assist with memory, safeguard bones, heart and veins.

Fantasy 3: Chemicals ought to be given at the most minimal portion for the briefest timeframe

Estrogen ought to be taken endlessly for certain circumstances, like bone insurance, cerebrum and cardiovascular security, and vulvovaginal decay; a state of vaginal dryness and disintegration of cells, with resultant torment and sexual brokenness.

Fantasy 4: Bioidentical chemical are just present in intensified recipes

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