How to solve online fraud?

It is an issue that needs to be resolved as soon as possible with how technology can be used to prevent online fraud.

Dr Htoo Ko Ko, a travel blogger and travel blogger, said: Most of the time you go with a booking system, you usually go with card systems. I have never lost a card myself. I had lost my friend. The problem was that the card and the ATM were not available. But when the card is brought to them, it can be associated with the card number and their account. If you are in exile, you have to return to Myanmar. “We have to contact the bank through a relative in Yangon and immediately close the card.”

Later, some of the card systems were able to connect to the mobile, so the card could be closed via mobile. So it is now easy to close the card immediately. However, they often share personal information on Facebook. You need to be careful. An email arrives, for example. As a result, you lose money when you ask for your card’s password, which means that you have a lot of money. This led to fraudulent payments.

We have links to websites and banks. There are only about one message a month on the page. Not Burmese names. They come in with fake profiles from abroad. The main thing is to hire them as editors; If hired, they provide incentives for how to network and make money. So when they left them as editors, they set off for Prague for a day or two, and they became infuriated. Finally, I was thrown out of the forum. It was taken from your blog. If your bank card is connected to this card

Links to the bank may also be defrauded if the website’s e-mail is accessible to them. Dr Htoo Ko Ko says that there are about 10 people in the country who have been exposed to the Punjab Web site.

Technology fraud

U Zeyar Aung Aung, general manager of CB Bank said: There are many types of frauds that are made and illustrated. Fraud has been around since the creation of money. It is common for everyone. What we eat nowadays is using technology to pay for it. Fraudulent transactions are based on money transfers. ”

The first thing he wants to say is that fake pages and scams are out of date. CB Bank offers the cardholder’s credit card number and credit card details. Pads. Phone numbers, We never ask for information like email or email addresses. No phone calls. No email sent. We do not ask for SMSs. And there’s no request from the bank’s official Facebook or website. Nor does it ask for a center

Today’s most common scams are fake CCB pseudonyms. CB Bank’s fake credit center Bank asked for fake ATMs. The information is misleading by the bank’s claim that it is a fraudulent claim. There are three ways to get cash at a digital bank. There is a One Time Password called Username, password and OTP. There are three ways to transfer money. You can send money. You can transfer money between them. This is the result of the fraudulent use of the bank’s image. Therefore, we urge people not to share User Name, password and OTP with anyone.

From Visa Card

Thet Naing Linn, Head of Operation Visa, said, “I would like to say that it is about why you don’t have to spend money on a Visa card. I want to convey it in four simple ways. ”

It has only four scans. Email Scan, SMS Scan, Voice Scan and Website Scan. Fraud and e-mail. Fraud-sending Fraudulent phone calls are used by websites and blogs.

How to get an email scam e-mailing your personal information requires something. You can ask for information about what benefits you can get in full. In that case it is important not to give it right away. Email is required. When you look at contants, you probably don’t know them.

If you send MMS, you will be asked to provide a variety of information. Never give up! The bank will never ask for it. Calls and requests are the most popular in the country. They must answer only the questions they have asked. The key is to not give out your personal information. Like this: You can go to websites to download your information. The bank is often fooled by the fact that the bank is asking for information to upgrade your visa card.

If you have lost your visa card while traveling abroad, you can blog in Mobile banking. You can also call from the center. According to Thet Naing Lin, the visa also has a global caseload service. “Myanmar is just a developing country,” said Zazar Win of Partner Relations and Issuing Depart ment. As the Internet began to grow, Facebook was using the entire country. I also use Facebook. Post Some people go to restaurants, I cleared it with a bank card. These payment cards are being posted on Facebook; The cards contain 16 numbers. These 16 are intriguing information that can never be found. He should not take photos and post pictures on Facebook. “You should not post anything you are doing on Facebook,” he said. She should not be. In my experience, a friend is required to hack his account and request money from other friends. The non-accountant is billed as having financial difficulties. We didn’t believe it, so we called him and confirmed that he had been robbed. If we transfer the funds through mobile banking, we will include our account information. Also, CB Bank is very strong in the system. The banking service is always upgraded to make it secure for its customers. For example, if you buy an E-commerce Transaction using a CB Bank card and buy a ticket on the internet, you will not be able to buy an OTP message for yourself.

OTP is a One Time Password. It produces small numbers. Six digits were sent to Castromark. You can only use once every three minutes. Once it’s gone, it’s no longer accessible. What is required by Canadians to send the OTP from the bank to the bank directly to the bank? The information provided to the bank must be accurate, both at the time of card issuance and by email. You must provide a mobile phone number. If it is possible to send an OTP message to a phone that has always been used by Smartphone, it will reach into its hands. If you stop using it, you’ll get to your old phone. If you lose your phone, you should always inform the bank. The OTP says it is very important that the OTP be taken into the hands of the Kazakhs.

If U Zeyar Aung Aung does not receive the message, please contact the first bank. Once the card is fraudulent, the card should be closed immediately. Give the call center a phone card number and close the card. If you suspect that someone else has obtained your user name password in your mobile banking, you must continue to call the credit center with your username and password.

If you find that someone else is using your account, you must contact the credit center to temporarily disable the account. “Our kelp center operates 24 hours,” said U Zeyar Aung.

The Department of Consumer Affairs Yangon Region Deputy Director U Min Thein said domestic consumer banking services, and consumers about possible problems regarding freight service loss happens at the federal level to solve economic and commercial Union led to relevant departments and organizations Myanmar Consumer Protection Commission has been formed. At the state level, consumer affairs committees are also formed.

About Banking, it is important for consumers to study information about the service in the context of consumers’ access to services. Ask. Banks also say that information must be provided to help the consumer simplify the process, so that the customer must provide information to facilitate the process. Both the consumer and the consumer. If the business owner shares information accurately, the problem will be lessened.

If there is a problem, the consumer and the customer will not. Bank If the department and the department work together, the problem will be gone. If the issues were shared through the media to the public, others would be able to avoid such problems. If effective, effective action can be taken to prevent fraudulent activity. One thing to follow is that it is forbidden to post on social media before the issue is resolved. Min Thein said that posting on social media would not solve the problem at all.

U Zeyar Aung Aung is able to detect fraudsters while using the technology. There are many ways to know who is lying. You can quickly find out who is lying. They can be tracked in cooperation with the police and the relevant authorities.

The fraudster can claim damages. The Bank takes responsibility and resolves the dispute. The fraudster will be punished to the end and will be prosecuted. There is a tracking technique at every step because it uses technology.

The victims do not have to be afraid. If there is a genuine grievance, you can submit the claim to the bank in accordance with the bank’s procedures. The bank also has responsibility. There is full responsibility. Zwe Yar Aung said that if the bank has weaknesses it will be accountable and the fraudsters will be cooperated with the public.

Things to follow

– You should check your financial statements regularly. You need to check SMS Alert and Email Alert carefully.
– Your receipts must be saved for checking with your account.
– The password should be changed at least every three months.

– Be careful when typing your card’s password when withdrawing from ATMs.
– You should avoid any personal information when choosing your password, such as your date of birth, registration number, or telephone number.
– Card security information (full card number, Expairy Date, CVV code) on the card should be kept confidential.

Online Payment (E-commerce) should only be used on secure websites that are secure.
– The cardholder needs to sign the card at the back of the card.
– Be careful before withdrawing or signing a receipt on a POS or ATM.

– Transaction cards should not be allowed to carry on the screen of your eyes.
Customers can visit the bank for up to 120 days and submit a dispute for any unused transactions. The CB Bank says it will not accept litigation for transactions lasting up to 120 days.

CB Bank’s We Share We Care ‘Financial Seminar was held at Yangon Innovation Center on February 6.
Aung Tun Oo

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