HONDA Y.E.S AWARD 2020 Scholarship for July students

Students at Technology Universities The Honda Young Engineer and Scientist Program Awarding for the students of the Honda Y.E.S Award 2020 will begin in July.

The prize was awarded to Yangon Technological University. Mandalay Technological University Western Technological University, Yangon Technological University (Thanlyin); Technological University (Hmawbi); Students who are having their first or final year of study at Technological University (Mandalay) Students can apply.

Applications must be submitted only at the respective universities and the preliminary level selection process will be made by the respective universities.

“To apply for a student, student; The students are selected by the professors of the school. 10 students per school are selected. Thereafter, the scholarship award must continue. The recipient will receive US $ 3,000, ”said Soe Win, Vice President of the Japan Alumni Association (MAJA).

The second stage of the selection process will be to write the essay in Burmese, with students from both Mandalay Technological University and Technological University (Mandalay). Students will have to answer at the Technological University (Mandalay). Students will have to answer at the MAJA office. The third step is to write the essay in English and the final interview in English.

The Honda Foundation and MAJA will share this award. Students of the Honda Y.E.S Award 2019; The students were honored at the Park Royal Hotel on February 9.


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