Coronavirus virus testing is now underway in Myanmar

The Union Minister said that the United States will conduct the coronavirus testing by the end of February. More than 900 people have been killed and tens of thousands of people are suffering from food-borne illness while thousands of people are being infected by the deadly virus. The UN Secretary-General urged the world economy to be functioning as normal as possible during the outbreak, and to take full precautions.

coronavirus Ways to prevent harm

CDC experts at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will be conducting a training on the coronavirus test in Myanmar on February 17, and the health and sports ministry will be able to launch the coronavirus test in Myanmar by the end of February. Myint Htwe Htoo spoke during a meeting in Yangon on Sunday. The Minister of Health and Sports reported on the latest daily central-level coordination meeting on respiratory disease monitoring and prevention of the coronavirus.
Currently, patients in Myanmar are being sent to foreign laboratories to test for the coronavirus. Nine patients were infected with the Coronavirus virus until Sunday. During the meeting, Dr. Myint Htwe said that there were 1 suspected patient and 10 patients who were hospitalized.
Chinese authorities said in a press conference Sunday that there were dozens of deaths and the number of people infected in China every day as the cholera outbreak spread. Wang Bin, deputy director of the Ministry of Commerce’s Market Management Department, said.
“In the current situation, there are some cases where some states and cities are over-worried and under-purchasing. In retail, there are vegetables, fruits and vegetables. Fruit Rice beans, There is a shortage of goods like oil and ready-to-eat noodles. ”
While many international airlines have suspended flights with China, while efforts are underway to curb the spread of the Corona virus in China. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that countries follow measures to control the spread of the coronavirus. Those who have traveled to China will also have to stay separately for two weeks. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres reiterated Saturday’s call for full protection.
“The World Health Organization has issued a set of guidelines to ensure that the global economy is functioning properly and to avoid potential interruptions. There are also a few things to be careful about when traveling. Do not fly airplanes. Nor does the World Health Organization encourage any action on this matter. I think this is important. Unity must be based on solid international cooperation. It is also important to avoid any form of distraction. “But it is important for all of us to take precautionary measures.”

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