How do you prepare for your dream job while working in your current job?

Have you started a job right now that you have not yet completed? Or a middle manager who gets caught up in unsatisfactory work? However, you can get better at building the skills you need.
Experience from current job Use your knowledge and prepare a resume for the job you want through the following six-step approach.

1. Learn what you need to know.

What are some of the qualities needed for a creative job? It may be that you have a sense of what these are. But the practical thing is to meet with the people who are working towards the goal and ask for advice and help. Interviews must be conducted. Whether you are changing jobs or not Whether you’re just moving on to the right career path, the best way to set goals is to get a clear picture of the results you really need. The skills needed will change depending on your career level.

2. Create Development Plan

Once you have listed the required skills, carry out the development plan. Ambitious Take a broad look at where you want to go, and think about where you want to go. Then there are steps that will be required to get there. Resources human, Divide your time and investment slowly. Daily Include a weekly routine in your plan. One thing you want to improve at a time, Focus only on the two. To achieve this quality, you must do it every day. Work Weekly

3. Accept feedback seriously.

When it comes to feedback, you have the knowledge and skills you have acquired. Consider where you can apply your experience and further improvements. Even the sharpest actions and actions on the job can give you something to plan for. Don’t accept negative personal responses. The feedback gives us a sense of how others affect us.

4. Negotiate with a mentor.

In some cases, your employer can help you plan for your career path. If you have a work environment that values ​​employee development, experience, Use the environment for guidance to improve your knowledge and skills. If you don’t want to talk to your boss about what you want to repair, then where do you go next? Meet with someone who can give you a clear direction on how to get to where you want to go.

5. Take on-the-job training.

If your current job is to educate you on learning and progress, you will be able to give talks, seminars, and lectures. Learn about the seminars and other opportunities. Leadership training can include leadership and management skills. Or a new class, You will learn new technical skills through new seminars.

6 Volunteer

If you think about working for a paycheck, there are ways to volunteer that will be worth more than money. Most experienced people look for opportunities in the job that is often avoided. My goal is to work in marketing and marketing. If your partner complains about all the work needed to do the next trade event, help out.


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